Odour dose control system

Meet the next level of economical liquid waste treatment: The EVX. EVAC Environmental’s very own odour dose control system.

Fats, Oil and Grease are like poison to your sewer system!

A large number of restaurants, fast-food outlets and other catering firms produce grease, oil and liquid waste that requires collection and maintenance by certified industry operators. With the demand from food and beverage, industry report from IBISworld states that only quarter of the liquid waste is collected and transported for recycling each year due to the high cost attribution and limited technology available. This provided a crucial need for liquid waste disposal or treatment operations.

The current economical solution for liquid waste is to have collection and transport companies operate their own treatment and disposal plants. For small-medium food establishments that have limited means to have their waste transported, this is a significant struggle of costs. But what if there’s another way?

Explore the award-nominated technology below:

Reduce fats, oils and grease, eliminate offensive odour and avoid costly capacity upgrades!

24/7 remote surveillance high-level blockage and overflow alert and liquid level monitoring. The EVX include GSM SMS remote monitoring and surveillance.

Fully monitored and maintained enzyme injection system, including auto-enzyme replacement notification. You will be notified when the enzyme is about to end, leaving you enough time to schedule for maintenance.

An effective risk management system can minimise the likelihood or severity of any negative outcomes from ‘incidents’ to an acceptable level. It can automatically break down grease from your drain system and eliminate blockages, sewer overflow, environmental pollution, food handling issues and offensive odour.

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