About us


EVAC Environmental was formed in 2003 initially to provide a service for the car wash industry, installing and servicing water recycling systems, tailored for each business budget and requirements.

The City of Melbourne’s Value of Hospitality Study 2011 found that Melbourne food services has increased from around 12 per cent in 2003-04 to almost 22 per cent in 2009-2010. This rapid growth in market share highlights the competitive advantage of the sector within the city. At the same time, increasing demands in maintaining oil and liquid waste for small cafes, restaurants and other eateries. EVAC Environmental soon ventured into the commercial kitchen trade waste in order to provide a responsible solution for smaller businesses.

Today, EVAC Environmental offers waste solutions through installations, repairs, odour control and monitoring for your commercial kitchen. Most importantly, we are committed to help educating businesses about complying trade waste requirements and reduce the potential hazards that can occur from an often overlooked kitchen system that has the potential to cause significant harm to patrons and staff.

We remain true to our code of ethics of being: Ethical, Environmental and Responsible.


Being ethical for EVAC Environmental is all about treating customers as a person


Being environmentally-friendly is the core to our business. We incorporate a lifestyle of chemical-free and safe practice in the businesses we work with.


We believe in innovation, to always provide our clients with the latest technology. We pride ourselves in looking after our customer by listening to their problems and providing a responsible solution.


Director of Trade Waste Consultancy
From supporting her family in a Rural Australian business to successful sales and marketing roles in her later career, Kelly has always maintained a passion for business. Kelly’s journey with EVAC Environmental started in 2004, and to this day, Kelly is a passionate advocate of environmental sustainability, and how small business can implement good waste management practices to secure a greener, cleaner future.


Managing Director
From building personal computers and electric skateboards in the 80s, to working in the Army and the aviation industry, Michael has laser-sharp focus in what he does. With an experience in developing strategies in the water treatment business, Michael started Evac Environmental in 2003 – whose original mission was to service K-Mart Tyre & Auto Victoria and other industry leaders with oil water separators and water recycling systems, later diversifying into commercial kitchens and developing award nominated remote monitoring safety technology.

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