Remote Monitoring System

Prevent the risk of flood property damage, food hygiene issues, OHS problems and environmental pollution with the Electronic Pump Protector (EPP).

Safe is better than danger.

Due to the significant  increase in cafes, restaurants and other eateries throughout Australia there is also an increased risk in the volume of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) entering from kitchen to main sewage and water treatment facilities.

To reduce costs cafes and restaurant owners are installing unprotected/ unmonitored / unalarmed electric pump boxes, under-sink pumps and silage pumps inside their commercial damage, business disruptions and environmental issues. A fatality in Sydney being the worst reported outcomes with 240 volts in flooded greasy waste water.

Meet the EPP

The EPP combines electrical protection, power failure notification, overflow alarm and remote 24/7 monitoring. Installing this automated solution removes the risks of flood property damage, food hygiene issues, OHS problems and environmental pollution.

Electrical Protection

The EPP contains R.C.D, an internal electrical safety device.

Power Failure notification

The EPP contains Visual/Aural Hi-level alarm in case of unexpected situations such as power failure.

Remote 24/7 monitoring

Constantly monitoring the volumes of fats, oils and grease in your kitchen will not only keep them at a safety level for your business but it will also help you avoid costly upgrades.

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