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Using First Flush Diversion system

First Flush diversion systems provide a robust and reliable solution to capturing contaminated runoff through a trade waste apparatus and detention tank for further treatment. They are a cost-effective way to make sure polluted, high-risk water from industrial or commercial applications is not diverted away from the main stormwater system. The principle behind first flush diverting is that water that falls onto an unroofed drain field is treated as contaminated wastewater. It is then directed to a secondary stormwater system, which will be used for water supply when it rains and treated again if there is heavy rainfall. When the water reaches its final destination, it is either disposed of as sewage, or otherwise disposed of in a responsible manner.

Having a First Flush diversion system can help keep our waterways and beaches clean - Oils and Hydrocarbons contain harmful chemicals and metals that can pollute our waterways. They can also:
  • Prevent storm-water pollution
  • Ideal for large uncovered wash-down areas above 20 sqm
  • Can be fitted with Water Recycling System appropriate and approved by Waterboard Authorities where your premise is located.
Under the Water Act, it is an offence for a person to cause or permit the discharge of trade waste to the sewerage system without a Trade Waste Agreement. Chemical used to wash vehicles contain ingredients known to harm aquatic wildlife. With a combination of appropriate water recycling systems and management, not only can EVAC Environmental provide cost-effective solutions to your business but more importantly, help reduce the huge impact on our water resources and infrastructure.

First Flush Diversion Applications

First Flush Diversion systems can be applied in the following common premises

Wash Down Bays
Work Shops
Construction Sites
Hire Equipment Branches
Re-fuelling areas
Motor Wreckers
Panel Beaters
Truck Workshops
Excavator Workshops
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