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Waste Interceptor Pump Outs

EVAC Environmental has decades of experience in providing responsible liquid waste removal generated by pumps.

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Waste Interceptor Pump Outs for your business

The role that a waste interceptor plays is to ensure that all potential risks are removed from the waste and it also ensures that all potential dangers associated with the waste are dealt with. Any industry that requires a device that works to remove unwanted waste should consider investing in a waste interceptor. Our Trade Waste Consultants can determine what is required for you to comply with your Trade Waste obligations and organise a Scheduled Servicing Maintenance Program.

EVAC Environmental is an E.P.A Approved Transporter from waste wash waters, contaminated stormwater and triple interceptor waste, we are able to remove all types of waste from systems of all sizes. We also offer a 24/7 EVAC rapid response service to assist your business in an emergency.
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