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Oil Water Separator (O.W.S.)

Ideal solution for the removal of Waste Water

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Why use Oil Water Separators (O.W.S.)?

Oil Water Separators are an ideal solution to the removal of a range of grease, oil and hydrocarbons from Waste Water.

Under the Water Act, it is an offence for a person to cause or permit the discharge of trade waste to the sewerage system without a Trade Waste Agreement. With a combination of appropriate water recycling systems and management, not only can EVAC Environmental provide cost-effective solutions to your business but more importantly, help reduce the huge impact on our water resources and infrastructure.

Oil Water Separator units include:

Oil Separator,Coalescing Plate Interceptor (C.P.I.)
High-quality diaphragm pump
Float switch and Stand
Robust high-quality construction and design, ensuring low maintenance and long life
Installations, servicing and maintenance will be done in accordance with the trade waste standard where your establishment is located
Systems range from 1,000 to 50,000 L/hr
They can extract oil down to 10-15 microns
Easy and quick installation with Automatic operation capabilities
Ideal for general use or as part of a larger project
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