EVAC Environmental’s new look is the new cool.

We are very excited to officially announce the launch of EVAC Environmental’s clean new website!

After being in the waste industry for 13 years, it is EVAC Environmental’s mission to make clean the new cool. Starting from providing service to the car wash industry, we’ve diversified the business to commercial kitchens who is in need of a more ethical, environmental and responsible waste management. Therefore, we redesigned the website with the vision of upholding the standard of being ‘clean’.

We’ve also updated our complete range of products and services for commercial kitchens, car wash bays and trade waste systems. Keep an eye out on this space for further news, Industry insights and resources.

EVAC Environmental

+1300 307 194

Evac Environmental offers waste management services that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and hassle-free for cafes and restaurants.

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