Smart Grease Traps Melbourne

Be smart with your waste with EVAC Environmental's Smart Grease Traps. We provide end-to-end services for our clients, ensuring you receive the best underground and above ground grease traps for your needs.

Grease Traps Solutions in Dandenong & Sunshine: Designed For All Conditions

EVAC Environmental specialises in the removal of liquid waste generated by commercial kitchens in cafes, restaurants, and other establishments that prepare food.
With 17 years in the business, we couple extensive industry knowledge with no lock-in contracts to provide the best grease traps in Melbourne – from Sunshine to Dandenong and beyond. Contact EVAC Environmental for product recommendations, sales, and repairs. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, meaning you will enjoy direct contact with an expert representative from the beginning. Our team will work closely with you to provide the most appropriate grease removal unit for your application.
To ensure seamless and compliant grease trap solutions, we also work in collaboration with Victorian water boards and other relevant bodies.

The Big Dipper & Grease Guardian: Industry-Leading Grease Removal Units
Ideal for a range of food preparation environments, the Big Dipper & Grease Guardian lead the way in terms of cost-effective grease removal devices.An easy to install above ground unit, the Big Dipper & Grease Guardian are compact, require minimal maintenance, and feature odour protection technology, making them both affordable and practical not only during installation, but in the long term.  
To find out if the Big Dipper or Grease Guardian is ideal for your restaurant, hotel, supermarket, takeaway shop, or other food preparation environment, contact EVAC Environmental today.

Expert Waste Removal

It is recommended that your grease trap is well maintained to eliminate the social and environmental impact that it can have on your business. EVAC removes waste from all sized grease traps, makes and models.It is recommended that your grease trap is well maintained to eliminate the social and environmental impact that it can have on your business. EVAC Environmental removes waste from all grease traps,regardless of their size, make or model.

Sell, Repair, and Recommendations

We can sell, repair or recommend the best equipment for your establishment. Every service we provide complies with waterboard and council trade waste requirements. When you work with EVAC Environmental, we will also liaise with the appropriate authorities on your behalf, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Odour Control

Grease traps can produce terrible odours that are not only offensive to your staff and patrons but can also have an impact on your reputation. EVAC Environmental uses a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method to handle odour problems.On top of that, all our products are free from nasty chemicals that harm our eco system. 
Contact us to receive a free 1-litre EVAC enzyme sample.

EVAC Smart Grease Traps Range in Melbourne, Dandenong & Sunshine

We supply Compact grease arrestors and grease removal devices

Big Dipper

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Above Ground Grease Trap

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