Odour Eliminator / Drain Cleaner

Disaster treated!

F.OG. Digester enzymes that contains a blend of naturally occurring, non-caustic, plant-based enzymes that are designed to digest residual yeast, sugar, starch and grease from commercial drain lines and ‘food oil interceptors’ There are only 4 ingredients in the product:

Energy Efficiency

The F.O.G Digester works well even at low temperatures, allowing wash temperature reductions and thereby giving energy savings for your business

A Sustainable Cleaner

The EVAC F.O.G Digester is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution unlike traditional cleaners. Enzyme solutions are readily biodegradable.

All-Natural ingredients

There are only four ingredients in the making of F.O.G Digester. The ingredients consist of natural stabilized plant-based enzymes, coconut and vegetable based surfactants, natural oil fragrances and dyes and the safest ingredient of all – WATER!

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