Liquid Waste Removal Melbourne

Responsible Liquid Waste Removal

EVAC is able to look after all of your waste management and liquid waste removal requirements. From grease traps to sewers and car wash bays,we are able to remove all types of liquid waste from systems of all sizes. 
Our EPA-approved liquid waste removal consultant scan determine what is required, ensuring you comply with your trade waste obligations and local water board/council regulations.
Liquid Waste Removal Service Around Dandenong and Sunshine 
EVAC Environmental offers liquid waste removal in Sunshine, Dandenong, and across Melbourne. We are listed as one of the preferred suppliers for South East Water, City West Water, and Yarra Valley Water. 
No question is too complex for our team. To enquire about your liquid waste removal needs in Dandenong, Sunshine or the surrounding Melbourne suburbs, contact us today.

Car Wash Bay Servicing

EVAC Environmental can safely remove oil, grease and filtered waste from your car wash water recycling bay, triple interceptor, or waste wash water.

Grease Trap Servicing

Our Liquid Waste Transporter is the perfect solution to extract and remove liquid waste from grease traps commonly found in cafes, restaurants and similar establishments. We offer no lock-in contracts and can help with your trade waste reporting and management.

Sewage and Septic Tank waste removal

Regular treatment of Sewage and Septic tanks is recommended to avoid the build-up of toxins and antibacterial substances. This is because these substances will end up killing the bacteria that break down your waste. Get in touch with the EVAC Environmental team to have your tank assessed and to schedule service solutions.

We can service the following range of Liquid Waste Removal systems:

Big Dipper


Grease Trap

Water Recycling System

Vertical Gravity system

Other Blockage Systems

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