Smart Pump

Avoid potential overflow with EVAC Environmental's Smart Water Pumps range.

In commercial kitchens, the purpose of the Pump is to ensure that water goes into the sewer to avoid a potential overflow. EVAC Environmental has expanded it’s smart waste management range to provide services for pumps. Some of the services consist of assessing your pumps system to providing preventative measures to handle harsh conditions. EVAC’s Smart Water Pumps range include the Pump Box and the Lifting Station. Call us to find the most suitable equipment for your business.

Emergency Pump Replacements

When you install our Smart Water Pumps range, having a reliable Emergency Pump services provider at your finger tips is crucial to preparing for unexpected situations. EVAC Environmental’s expertise in Water treatment allows us to provide an emergency callout service to tackle most situations we’re faced with and help you get your business running again.

Pumps for all Conditions

EVAC Environmental supplies high-quality pumps that suits all kinds of conditions for your business. We supply pumps for the following purposes:

  • Kitchen
  • Sewage
  • Automotive
  • Greywater
  • Recycling

Expert Waste Solutions

We can supply, install and repair the best pump for your business. We service a range of pumps from industrial pumps, submersible pumps andpump stations We want to make sure that when the job is done, business managers/owners are educated in ensuring the maintenance and longevity of their equipment.

EVAC Smart Pumps Range

Types of pumps we can supply and install

Sewer Pump

Undersink Pump

Submersible Pump

Domestic Pump

Diaphgram Pump

Pump Station

Own the safest Pump with EVAC.

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Evac Environmental offers waste management services that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and hassle-free for cafes and restaurants.

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