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If you’re a business that deals with waste management in your amenities, you know that trade waste obligations can take up your time when you should be focusing on growing your business. As a business operating for over 15 years, it is our duty to ensure that the products and services we provide are completely compliant. We have customers Australia wide and deal with all Water board/Council Authorities.

Trade Waste Compliance

With the expansion of commercial clients Australia wide it has added to more waste being pushed out to sewer and storm water. To help eliminate the pressure on our water and sewer systems we are needing to alleviate pressure on our sewer system and other infrastructure.

To avoid Fats, Oils and grease from entering our sewer system causing blockages and overload all commercial business with a commercial kitchen are required to have a trade waste agreement with their local waterboard or council. Throughout Australia there are different requirements and regulations. 

To help business's comply EVAC Environmental is able to guide you through the process of your Trade Waste Application, Requirements, Installation and Future Obligations. With our specialist trade waste consultants we can make sure you meet your obligations. We can communicate with your local authority on your behalf.

A sample of the trade waste requirements

Each regulator will have different obligations to make when it comes to wastewater compliance.

"Commercial trade waste contains large amounts of food, fats, oil, and grease. South East Water recently modified their criteria for Food and Oil Interceptors (FOI), aka grease traps, to align with Yarra Valley Water and City West Water. Trade waste agreements for commercial customers are based on the nature of the business, the number of kitchen fixtures that generate waste, and seating capacity."

"Industrial trade waste agreements apply to manufacturers, car washes, workshops, laundries, and chemical plants. Customers must provide a detailed description of their process including all chemicals and potential wastewater contaminants. South East Water will review MSDS information as well as process diagrams to identify pre-treatment solutions and trade waste agreement conditions."

Manage your Trade Waste Obligation processes

From submitting your trade waste agreement to liaising with your local governance body, EVAC will handle all the hoops and nitty-gritty whilst you run your business.

Council and Waterboard liaisons

We work together with the waterboard authorities such as South East Water, City West Water, Yarra Valley Water and others throughout Australia to inform, educate and advice our customers in dealing with their business’ trade waste obligations

Smart Waste Products and Services available

Our Waste Management products and services are created with safety and compliance in mind with Trade Waste obligations around Australia. So you can be absolutely sure that your waste management complies with your local authority and is the best solution for you, your employees and your customers.

Services we do


Submit Application with documentation of business activity


Wait for response from your local authority to give you instructions of the apparatus required for your site


Your application will be based on the fixtures, activity or volume of waste




Inspection of site from your local authority


Waste maintenance plan for site

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